Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bridal beauty 2014

 I have had the honor to do a lot of my friends hair for their weddings including being a bridesmaid in one. There are so many fun new styles out there available for brides now a days.These are some of my most recent bridal beauties of 2014.

This year in wedding fashion, the "updo" is back! More brides are asking for more classic pinned up styles with texture and softness. Gone are those stiff slicked back styles I used to rock for high school dances and cheerleading. 

With movies like The Great Gatsby, and all the celebs rocking the classic finger wave like styles on the red carpet, no wonder brides now are finding inspiration in the roaring 20's. 

Also, many brides are opting out of veils and going for a more casual approach. Thanks to the inspiration of Pintrest, country weddings with mason jars and burlap and cowboy boots are popping up just as much as the Gatsby style. 

Living in Florida, there are a lot of beach/ outdoor weddings. As beautiful as it is to wear half up half down, or all down with loose curl style while your locks flow in the sea breeze, the reality is all that wind causes hair to go everywhere! It gets stuck in your lipgloss, whips across your face just as your photographer snaps a photo, and all those beautiful curls drop down to nothing after a day of sun and fun. I highly suggest taking this into consideration when choosing your wedding hair style. 

Above is Danielle the bride. This is a great example of an updo that is both beautiful and functional when choosing a down style. 

The photo below is her beautiful bridesmaids. I love that they all went with different styles. 

As far as bridesmaids go, braids have completely taken over! I've been asked to do many cute side swept style accentuated by a braid or even braiding the sides completely back so they can dance the night away and not worry about fly away strands. Its a great way to dress up the normally plain bridesmaid styles. 
Also trending in bridesmaids style are non coordinating updos and hairstyles. 
Brides are relalizing that just like not every one looks great in one particular dress, the same goes for hairstyles. These are your best girlfriends and you want them to look and feel their best standing besides you. 

Above is my good friend Rachel who I got to get ready and be a part of her wedding party! She was inspired by an image of Christina Aguilera. Lots of curls and texture along with some glamorous bling! 

Here we are together in our cute get ready robe dresses her mom made for us  . Also, you can see her glamorous bridal makeup I applied. 

When it comes to brides and makeup, I always suggest 2 must haves for brides.
1. Airbrush ( I use Dinair) 
You get a flawless completion that is sweat proof! 
2. False eyelashes
Trust me, when you see your up close shots you will thank me :) 

A bride should choose makeup looks that are more than they would normally wear for photos but still feel like you. You want to look like the most glamorous version of yourself and still have hubby recognize you! 

Regardless of the style you decide on for your wedding day, know that all of those guests are their to celebrate your love together. You will look beautiful and you will probably make your future hubby cry. Be comfortable in the style you choose and rock it! All eyes on you that day, you are the belle of the ball. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Feeling creative

As I posted before about the latest fall looks in style for this year, I had even more inspiration from my friends and clients! They give me the freedom to express my creativity freely and I am forever greatful! 
This gorgeous fall inspired ombré worked perfectly for Maria, we we also took her from long locks to a fresher, more updated below the shoulders cut with whisper sexy layers! 

For Laura, we created a lighter, more honey shade of ombré highlights over her natural shade. We finished the look with a sassy lob cut and some loose curls with the help of my GHD flat iron. 

I have a true love for updos! Valerie allowed me to transform her hair from a dark, reddish brown to a more vibrant shade for a fun new look. After the color, we played with a retro inspired headband that inspired me to give her an updo just for fun! I love this look! 

Jamie has had a level 4 dark reddish brown for a while now and was looking to spice it up a bit. I began with a color remover to lighten her tresses then applied a more vibrant shade of red accompanied by some panels of blonde. 

This isen't a color you get to do often! I made Jenna's strawberry blonde hair a little more funky by removing the color then applying Pravana yellow. It's a fun, unique look that is perfect for the client that's not afraid to be a little different! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall preview 2013

When I think of fall, thoughts of leaves changing, chilly weather, comfy sweaters, and pumpkin spice come to mind. Also, this is a time many clients thing about making a change to their hair. If they went ombré for the summer, they are ready for richer, warmer tones. Those who went darker, are looking for more dimension with different tones like toffee, caramel, or even mocha. They may sound like favors to you, but in the mind of a hairstylist all I see are swirls of rich tones and inspiration.
As I browse my Pinterest board for inspiration I found so many beautiful inspiring images I want to share with you! These are some of my personal favorites. 

In this photo, I love the two tone look of her rich chocolate brown.

What looks cuter with a blazer or sweater than a sophisticated up do? I am loving her smokey eye in this photo as well. Perfect for a date night or any special occasion. 

Bangs are making a full comeback! I'm not just saying that because I recently cut some bangs on my shoulder length hair. They are a fun way to update any length of hair.

Sock bun, ballerina bun, donut, call it what you like but this look screams sophistication. It's a classic that will never fade away. With so many forms and tools to make it easier to create yourself at home, this look is a must for the fall. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 spring & summer looks

It seems like lately the "Lob" which is a long bob, has grown in popularity again. Also, ombre and fun colors in the neutral tones have been some of my most highly requested looks recently. These are a few fun looks I created on my beautiful clients :)

Jamie went from long to short and we added some more ombre highlights to accentuate this look.

You might recognize this lovely lady from my last post. After her wedding she was ready for a change. 

This is my friend Nicole who is generously donating her hair to locks of love. I am loving her shorter hair with ombre highlights! 

Fun "chunky" or block coloring highlights 

ombre highlights on a reddish/brown base for this Sara.

Courtney recently started hair school so we needed to pump up her hair which was all natural (a rare sight in my profession) I added some ombre highlights and curled her hair using my GHD iron. 

Reverse ombre on Ashley. 

pretty ombre on Amanda

Most recent weddings 2013/2012

Not only did I get married this year, I also had some great friends get married as well!  I went to high school with this lovely lady and it just so happens that she now works with my husband! We were able to attend the wedding and had so much fun! Myself, and my co worker Christina took care of the bride and her bridesmaids on the wedding day providing hair and makeup services to them. Here are some of the photos:

Bride side view

Bride back view with veil

me applying makeup. photos by Brittany Purscell Photography

This year my dear friend Ashleydawn married her soul mate. Their love story really touched me and I was so happy to be a part of this day. They are a match made in heaven and I wish them a world of happiness! We went on location for this wedding and got these lovely ladies ready. We provided hair and airbrush makeup for the bride and bridesmaids. 

This is my lovely client and friend Brooke. I have been doing her hair for many years! You might remember seeing some of her photos on my site. I had so much fun getting her ready for her big day, especially because we got married exactly 1 week apart. We spent the whole year talking about all the fun and frustrations that went along with planning a wedding. 

This next bride got married in November of last year but I've been slacking on my posts. I met Abby in pop warner cheerleading at CCJFA and always kept in touch on facebook. I was honored when she asked me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding day! She had a unique wedding venue at the baseball stadium here in town where they met. It was beautiful and they even started a trend because that stadium never had a wedding there! 

This is my beautiful bride Sara and her husband on their wedding day. I met Sara in high school at Mariner. She and her brides maids were a lot of fun and were all so calm and positive! I knew most of her bridesmaids as well which made it fun. We did hair and makeup on these lovely ladies.

This is Ashley and her husband Chad, I also went to high school with them and recently got in touch with her through facebook. She had one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen!

And last but certainly not least my friend Kirsten married her husband almost 1 year after my wedding. They are now expecting a baby boy! I cannot wait to meet him :)